I'm not lookin at you dudes I'm lookin past you...

Austin with Mika  #bestcoastbound day 11 (at Austin, TX)

We got pretty up close and personal with nature today #texasmuhfucka (at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch)

@master__killer took me for #hoodratsnacks today, they call it a #picadilly, some slushy thing with pickles, Tigers blood, kool-aid, lucas and chamoy  (at Chris & Kids Snow Cones)
📷 by @harlettress  (at San Antonio, Texas)
Spent all day yesterday driving but finally got to the fam in San Antonio today. Stopped by @doomsdaytattoo to see Bubba’s amazing new shop!#texasmuhfucka #bestcoastbound  (at Doomsday Tattoo)
Felt like I’d been to this cemetery before because I’ve seen it in so many movies and TV shows. Pretty dope in person. Day 7 driving across the country, so hyped to see our family @master__killer and @harlettress tomorrow in Texas! #bestcoastbound  (at Layfayette Cemetary)
Was super hyped to find a juice place when we got to New Orleans today, been eating mad unhealthy this trip. Day 6 #bestcoastbound #juicin #neworleans (at The Green Fork)
So today we learned how to throw crickets at this spider chillin on its web, then watched it bite them and wrap them in web in like 3 seconds. Day 5 #memphis #countryshit  #bestcoastbound  (at Memphis, Tennessee)
Memphis is stupid fun, gettin drunk in these streets! Day 4 drivin across country #bestcoastbound (at Beale Street,Memphis TN,US)
Day 3 in Nashville now, this place is ratchet as fuck, who would’ve known, I’m into it tho #bestcoastbound  (at Parthenon (Nashville))
Day 2 was a lot of driving with a quick stop to hike Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee #bestcoastbound #nature
#tbt back probably around ‘06 with @fabreaze at the first KL store
I’m goin innnnn #bluecrabs #oldbayovereverything
Day 1 of the drive cross country. Had to zip down to Maryland for some crabs first #bestcoastbound 📷: @thejenini  (at Schutz’s Crab House)
Gonna miss this neighborhood #LIC #newyorkfuckincity #weout #bestcoastbound  (at Long Island City water view)