I'm not lookin at you dudes I'm lookin past you...

New favorites #todayskicks #complexkicks #nike
Masking up before the sandstorm yesterday with @creepstreet #coachella
We ready @creepstreet @fabreaze @thejenini #coachella
Last night at @pharrell birthday party with #spongbob and the homies @dicethegod @nigelsylvester
Huge thanks the homie @og_slick for sending his new piece, thanks fam! Cc: @misstina_k
Nerded out with @thejenini last night at the early season premiere of new Game of thrones, pretty epic
This pic was right before @creepstreet and I entered a Vegas Vortex last night. #dabbinginvegas
Nas tearin it down at 1oak Vegas
The @ssur69 booth was creative as fuck as usual. Not only had keys filled with tees stacked on crates, but this dude in the ape suit is an actual actor from the original movie Planet of the apes. #detailsareimportant #teesopendoors
#latergram from the show yesterday, @40ozvan taking pics with the M.O.B. girls wearing our new @40oznyc X @mostofficialmob collab comin out soon! #agendavegas #marriedtothemob #40oznyc #bitchesbelike #sideboob
Choppin it up on fashion with @bobatl at the @agendashow dude was mad cool
I love all these mutherfuckers, thank you for a great birthday dinner @creepstreet @mirakaveli @lindafabrica @dougflud @mel_dot_p @whatsupwally @margreatest @bondisaiahbond @anitaherrera_ @dohnn83 @thejenini @whyvonne07 @yellowkidslanty @jeremiahmyers @gregweinstein @vintageframes @lovemade @dicethegod @callhimhen @richardiiivir @vanessaveasley #vegas #agendavegas #thecollective #fludwatches #lafamilia sorry if I missed anyone
Feelin like a superhero today in my #nikeboots
The only one I want sittin next to me in the passenger seat. My partner in crime, my boo, my backwoods baby, my ride or die chick, my homie, my angel, my best friend, my other half, my everything. Not to mention she owns the shit out of her #surfboard haha Love you @thejenini Happy Valentines day!!
Major thanks on the care package from the big homie @ssur69 #ssur #caviarcartel #clot